Friday, December 27, 2013

“Don’t Tread On Me” Leave Our Flag and Patch Alone


As early as 1775 the first Navy Jack Flag (A Timber Rattlesnake---which does not stick unless provoked) was proudly flown and in 1880 the motto “Don’t Tread on Me” was added to the flag; and has been on all Navy Vessels since then. This is one of our American Flags honored by all true Americans. This Flag and motto is found on Navy uniforms, and was authorized for them to wear; and that includes the Navy SEALS.

Now who within WARCOM and Naval Special Warfare are sending instructions that Navy SEALS are not authorized to have the “Don’t Tread on Me” patch on their combat uniforms? Don’t you senior personnel what better things to do than break down the morale of the American Navy SEALS and the American People?                                                             Patch

This is an asinine decision made by these people and someone should correct it right away. Maybe, whoever had a hand in this idiotic ruling should retire, because it sounds like an attack against America and Americans.

Don’t use your lame excuse for this decision because of using uniformity between the operators, this is outdated logic. Stay with the present and future by supporting the “Don’t Tread on Me” patches, because it makes the SEALS proud to wear it as they go into combat to save the lives of Americans. And, that means you WARCOM and Naval Special Warfare.

Leave our “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag and patches along and find something else to do with your time. If you are not for our Navy SEALS well-being then I suggest you get out of the Navy, because we do not need or want anyone like you over “Our Silent Heroes.”

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Monday, September 30, 2013

No Straight Answers from Congress and the Pentagon on August 2011 Tragedy

When a few have the power over so many it has become a dictatorship, not a government by the people and for the people. The stonewalling the families of the fallen SEALS and others shot down in 2011 have received from our government, Congress, the Pentagon and the President is unacceptable; and it dishonors the men who fought for our freedom.
And, then we ask what so many Americans are thinking today---are we really free? Has the freedom our ancestors died for so their descendants would live as free Americans as we guaranteed in the “Bill of Rights” become null and void?

Do the members of Congress,the Pentagon and President Obama care about Americans---or are they just a bogus group who has their own agenda? I cannot answer that question without all the facts, but I do know some of the people in Congress and other branches of our government are good and decent people.

However, the concerns we have now are: 1. Has a few rotten apples ruined the entire barrel of Congress, the Pentagon? 2. How do we fix it? 3. Contact your own district senators and representatives from the Senate and the House of  Representatives---the two houses of Congress the ones who represents you---and you voted in---to let them know how you feel about the atrocities. Tell them over and over until the requested action needed gets implemented. Never give up on our men and women who fight for our freedoms still.

The parents are still waiting for answers concerning their sons, why were they in the helicopter they were in? Why last-minute changes that goes against the strictest security that is necessary to secure the safely of the flight passengers?

No enemy just accidentally stumbled out of his home to shoot a helicopter down---what asinine idiotic would believe it? But that's what we are being spoon fed about our sons, nephews, grandsons, uncles, fathers that happened?

As my sweet Grandmother would say, “Hogwash, nonsense, garbage, humbug rubbish, bunkum, and gibberish.” The good and decent of our Senate and House of Representatives need to step-up and be heard. Do not be swayed by the Elite in Congress---be accountable to the ones who put you in the Senate or the House. 
(Copy and Paste this in YouTube for everything you need to hear about the SEALS and A Press Conference. This is too long for my blog. But everyone needs to see this YouTube Video.

My heart still aches for all the men and women we lost in this war and all wars since the beginning of our country.

Here is the link to contact elected officials:

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Congress Assesses SEAL Team 6 Deaths of August 2011

Families of the SEAL Team 6 might finally get some answers as to who is responsible for the betrayal of our SEALS being killed; and who put the big X on their backs for the retaliation of the enemy.

It is the height of stupidity that anyone in our government would disclose the identity of who performed the covert mission. But stupidity opened his big mouth and put the SEALS Team 6 and their families in jeopardy. And, in doing so all the spies in the audience got what they came for---information to give the Taliban.

Congress has dragged their feet or higher up the torso; because it has been two years since it happened that our men were shot down in the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter. The families still do not have closure because the ones responsible for their deaths have not been brought to justice.

My concern is that Congress will put a band-aide on this treason and call it---unintentionally spoken without malice or forethought---by the very one who opens his mouth and inserts foot too often.

I am sure they will take weeks of questions, blaming, finger pointing, and intimidation and, after all is said and done the bottom-line will be it is not the fault of the one who betrayed our SEALS.

There are so many questions Americans as well as the families of the fallen heroes want answered. Mine questions are:
·        Why were they in a Chinook helicopter made in the 1960---it should be in a museum?
·        Why were we lied to about the “Black Box” being washed away in a flash flood?
·        Did someone in our government or the Afghan government make a deal with the enemy in exchange for the flight plans?
·        Why were the bodies cremated?
·        Why wasn’t air support allowed to fire on the enemy?
·        Who sold the SEALS out?
·        Who knew about the mission?
·        Who was responsible for the last minute change of seven (7) Afghan Soldiers who boarded without being on the flight manifest?

There are so many unanswered questions to be answered as Congress executes a full investigation for the truth.

My thoughts and prayers are with the SEALS and the families of our lost heroes. And, for all the SEALS who protect and keep us safe every day---you are always in my prayers and your loved ones. May God bless and keep you safe.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Women to be Allowed to Enter US Military Elite Units

Women will be granted the right to join in the utmost extreme and bodily dangerous warfare situations in the military. This includes the Navy SEALS, the Army Rangers and the Marine Infantry.

Leaders are to inform the Pentagon their campaigns of incorporating women into the military groups or units minus decreasing the very strict standards.

This was released on June 18th 2013 by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel who---points to the first time women will participate into the elite combat units. Units like the Navy SEALS, who was responsible for the raid on Osama Bin Laden.

To be a member of one of the elite military unit’s one must past rigorous training of physical and psychological challenges. It includes transporting on one’s back a vast amounts of weight journeying long distance on foot while on threatening missions, this means being exposed to the elements and enemies.

Statistics show that most male candidates fail to meet the requirements for the elite units. However---the plan Mr. Panetta announced for these branches as the deadline for determining which combat locations will be available for women---is January 2016.

Now I say God bless any women who can meet this challenge and I am sure there are females in our USA who can and will become Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, and be in the Marine Infantry. I just know I am not one of them.

I would love to hear from readers---about their views on the subject of women in the elite units.
Thanks for your comment.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The SEALS Families Want Answers

Thirty (30) Americans in all which---seventeen (17) of them were Navy SEAL Team 6 members killed when their Vietnam-era Chinook helicopter was shot down by insurgents with Taliban-owned RPG (rocket-propelled-grenadein August of 2011 in Afghanistan---the ambush is being addressed by the families of the SEALS.

They are accusing the U.S. government for putting the SEALS at risk because their covers as SEALS were aired around the world---as the ones who executed the raid on Osama Bin Laden.

This was a covert mission---one the government should never have mentioned who or what group---was responsible for completing the assignment given to them.

Now even a first grader knows someone will revenge the death of a revered leader/dictator sooner or later. The followers of Osama Bin Laden might never have known the identity of the raiders--- if it had not been spread around the world as news---at the very least it would have taken them a while.

Did someone in charge need to exercise their power and pound their chest as the victor? Could he/she or they accomplish this without revealing and exposing the ones carrying out the assignment?

Is it true that targets were put on the backs of all SEALS? The Team 6 SEAL members and SEALS from all Teams are put in jeopardy that protects Americans and---America. What an asinine move by the government that sent them on a clandestine assignment to expose them in such a manner. Is this what the families are saying and inquiring of the current administration?

And family members asked why were they flying in a helicopter that was made in the 1960’s? When they have “Special Forces Helicopter” that is equipped with electronic countermeasures and identification friend or foe system with state of the art equipment.

And when will the family members receive the “Investigation Report” from the President as they indicated they were promised?

It makes one wonder why this White House Administration would be the first in history to expose any “Covert Mission” to the world. Do they need a pat on the back? I say they need to pull-up their big boy britches and learn to keep their mouths shut.

Our Military Men and Women protect the Americans and this country---the very least the Presidential Administration can do is protect them. And bring our men and women home and treat them right when they return.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SEALS---Our Silent Warriors

Pursuant to past years the scope of our Navy SEALS was not known---they accomplished many missions without any Americans aware of their greatness. They did it stealthfully without the enemy’s knowledge of their locations. They do not seek glory or fame---they were and are our “American Silent Warriors.”

The SEALS were a secret the Navy kept as their “Silent Warriors” and that was a great idea to do. They were protected from the news media of their entire task in keeping America and Americans safe from all attacks. Sometimes to protect a country there has to be secrets and I admire and respect the SEAL Admirals/ Rear Admirals who protected our “Silent Warriors.”

But a book about the SEALS titled: United States Special Warfare/US Navy SEALs was published. So since the book with the Navy's approval was written---we are finding out more about the clandestine inter-workings, testing and designing of future weapons---which will aid the SEALS in their missions.

The name of the agency we Americans should be so proud of is: U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). They are working on so many unbelievable futuristic weapons of defense and robotic aids to save lives of SEALS and support them as they execute their missions to protect and keep our country safe and secure.

DARPA is working on many Military robotic projects which will be used on land, sea and air. These robotic machines can maneuver over rough and rocky terrains--- including climbing up the side of buildings or mountains.

DARPA has many projects still in the testing models and when completed will be added to the SEAL’s collection of defensive aids to protect our nation and others nations. Our SEALS missions save and protect others who live outside the USA---without their knowledge or Americans.

That is the way it has to be---we have to protect our “Secret Warriors” the name I have given them with great respect and gratitude. As they risk their lives for Americans and others---leaving their families each time without a guarantee of returning---even in training---accidents will happen.

I am amazed at the technology and brilliance of the people who are instrumental at DARPA for the creation of such Military Phenomenal Robots and other Military aids. This has been in operation for many years and we never know what their brilliant designers will produce in the future. These people work hard for all Americans also. I thank you DARPA for your great manufacturing of Military aids in all the forms you have developed over so many years.

Enclosing I send prayers and great appreciation to all our Military’s men and women who help protect American and are a support system to our SEALS when needed.
A special prayer and heartfelt gratitude to the SEALS---Our Silent Warriors.

God Bless You All.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lost Another SEAL in Training Incident

  SEAL-Petty Officer 3rdClass---Jonathan Kaloust
We have lost another of our men in a training accident on May 15th in Kentucky at Ft. Knox.  SEAL-Petty Officer 3rd Class---Jonathan Kaloust a native of Massapequa, N.Y.

Eight men---Jonathan and five Seals two sailors were in a training incident. Jonathan was killed and the other seven were injured when their Humvee overturned in a tactical training maneuver. The other seven--- five Seals and two sailors were released with only minor injuries.

Jonathan Kaloust was only 23 years old but was a strong and competent Seal who completed his training last year. He joined the Navy in 2011 and excelled in his training in order to become a Seal. It is the supreme honor to make it to a SEAL status.

The incident is being investigated and is being handled with upmost respect because of the sensitive nature and no details will be released until it has been completed.

Americans are sad today to have lost another son---one who was preparing to be ready to protect us from any foreign force or terrorist.  I hope the ending investigation will tell us how one died and seven lived? I cannot wait to find out. This is happening too often and I for one am very concerned for our sons and daughters who are in training to protect us---are hurt and killed.

I pray for Jonathan Kaloust, his family and friends for this terrible hurt they are to endure for many years to come; and maybe forever in his parent’s hearts and mind.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Chief Brett Shadle---SEAL Team Six

                                                                            Brett Shadle
This is an Honorable Mention to the Seal Team Six member of East Coast Naval Special Warfare ---- Senior Chief Brett Shadle who was 31 years old and a native of Pennsylvania. Brett perished from a training accident in Arizona last week on Thurday--March 28, 2013. This is sad news for his family and all of America when we lose a Navy Seal of Team Six---or any seal for that matter as they are the backbone of our safety. These brave and courageous men---there are none finer than true American Navy Seals.

Brett Shadle had the special regard of all who worked with him of being called the “Very Best.” He will always be remembered by his family, friends and the ones who worked with him as a hero. Because he gave all for his country---and had the respect of all who knew him.

Americans are so proud of the Seal Team Six the Elite of the seals teams---when have so few given so much for their country---I salute you all---and God Bless you and yours.


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Friday, March 15, 2013

Afghanistan Troops---Save Your People

Every week our troops are fired upon from the known enemy and the enemy from within the Afghan Police Force. One of their officers killed our soldiers, and we still keep our troops there---what is wrong with this picture.

I say get our troops the “Hell out of Afghanistan”---these people who smile at our troops are the same people who will fire bullets at them when they get the chance.

Why don’t the good and strong Afghanistan people who are the leaders; put their troops out there to find and eliminate the one who are working for the Taliban?

They know who they are---but they are still letting the evil Taliban intimidate them by not taking action. I can bet there are many good Afghan women who are willing to fight---the same women who are fed up with living in fear for their children. I know I would be sick of it and fight back once and for all.

You cannot make me believe these people are still going to put up with being bullied by the evil forces of the Taliban. When are they going to stand up for themselves? I know there are good people in Afghanistan who would fight if they had the weapons.

If they do not take a stand while our American troops are still there and drive them off their land and keep them off at the borders---they will perish after our troops leave.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

A SEAL’s Best Friend


The Malinois is documented in the USA as Belgian Malinois. Their life span is 14 years + and their temperaments are : an active life—always doing something, unreasonably determined to prevail, Vigilant—especially to guard against danger, defensive, protecting and self-assured.

The Malinois are the very best Seal Dogs for Navy Seals in parachutes jumping and to descend a steep slope or any vertical inclines using a rope, because this type of operation is frequently taken on by the Seal teams.

The dog Seals are highly trained, extremely accomplished and driven special ops professionals. They can perform astonishing missions by Air, Land or Sea.

They execute vast ranges of duties for the team or Seal to which they are attached. Their sense of smell is 40 times greater than humans---that is why they are trained to identify explosives and unfriendly or concealing humans.

They are twice as fast as humans---even if the human is in good shape.

Malinois are devoted, daring, forceful and competent aggressors. They wear superior-strong Armor that is equipped with computerized equipment that integrates canine fitted night-vision and infrared proficiency goggles. Also video cameras are part of their gear as a security measure to let their Seal handler see what is ahead before other Seals follow. The dog Seals are able to see human heat shapes through walls of concrete.

I am so happy after my research----to know the Seals have the very best partners in Malinois Dogs. Malinois are the zenith of canines for Seal Dogs. Because our Seals deserve the very best in whatever it takes for them to operate in a safe and secure mode at all times.

They are truly a Seal Team’s best friend as they all work together in securing our American World of Freedom that we all enjoy today.

I thank you Seals and the Malinois Canine Seals for all you do for Americans and others.

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