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Monday, September 1, 2014

Navy SEALS Update

I am so proud to live in the USA where Navy SEALS are born and trained to protect Americans and people in other countries. And, when not on a mission they are doing work for charities. How wonderful is that?
     On August 21st, four Navy SEALS swam the Marine’s Sebago Lake about 13 miles and raised $80,000.00 for Camp Sunshine; that helps children with life threatening illness. The families and the children enjoyed a week at Camp Sunshine to relax and have fun.

The Heart of a SEAL Beats for Children

The $80,000 will help the sick children of military families go to Camp Sunshine. Only parents with sick children can appreciate the importance of a place like Camp Sunshine. Bless our Navy SEALS again and again.

·       Red Circle Foundation---2014 Gala is for Special Operations warriors, children and families of the fallen. This great organization started in 2012 as a non-profit to help monetarily instantly families in need.
Their goal is $75,000 for this year, and the date is September 6, 2014

The Rescue of Jessica Buchanan

Quote: Please attend, sponsor or give today to help a Special Operations family in need.This year’s Gala fundraiser is being held on September 6, at the Birch Aquarium, 2300 Expedition Way in La Jolla, CA.  Please take note of these times 6 PM for VIP Cocktail Reception and 7 PM for General Admission. Phone Number (858) 534-3474: Unquote
·       Adm. William McRaven retired on August 30th 2014 after 37 years. Click the link below to hear his speech:

Our Silent Heroes

I will be back with more updates. Sorry it has been so long, but I fell off my high back porch and broke by leg in February. I was in bed for 31/2 months because of the severity of the break. Then, I was in rehab learning to walk again from May through July. I did not intend to neglect my Navy SEALS. May you and yours be blessed with good health and happiness.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SEALS---Our Silent Warriors

Pursuant to past years the scope of our Navy SEALS was not known---they accomplished many missions without any Americans aware of their greatness. They did it stealthfully without the enemy’s knowledge of their locations. They do not seek glory or fame---they were and are our “American Silent Warriors.”

The SEALS were a secret the Navy kept as their “Silent Warriors” and that was a great idea to do. They were protected from the news media of their entire task in keeping America and Americans safe from all attacks. Sometimes to protect a country there has to be secrets and I admire and respect the SEAL Admirals/ Rear Admirals who protected our “Silent Warriors.”

But a book about the SEALS titled: United States Special Warfare/US Navy SEALs was published. So since the book with the Navy's approval was written---we are finding out more about the clandestine inter-workings, testing and designing of future weapons---which will aid the SEALS in their missions.

The name of the agency we Americans should be so proud of is: U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). They are working on so many unbelievable futuristic weapons of defense and robotic aids to save lives of SEALS and support them as they execute their missions to protect and keep our country safe and secure.

DARPA is working on many Military robotic projects which will be used on land, sea and air. These robotic machines can maneuver over rough and rocky terrains--- including climbing up the side of buildings or mountains.

DARPA has many projects still in the testing models and when completed will be added to the SEAL’s collection of defensive aids to protect our nation and others nations. Our SEALS missions save and protect others who live outside the USA---without their knowledge or Americans.

That is the way it has to be---we have to protect our “Secret Warriors” the name I have given them with great respect and gratitude. As they risk their lives for Americans and others---leaving their families each time without a guarantee of returning---even in training---accidents will happen.

I am amazed at the technology and brilliance of the people who are instrumental at DARPA for the creation of such Military Phenomenal Robots and other Military aids. This has been in operation for many years and we never know what their brilliant designers will produce in the future. These people work hard for all Americans also. I thank you DARPA for your great manufacturing of Military aids in all the forms you have developed over so many years.

Enclosing I send prayers and great appreciation to all our Military’s men and women who help protect American and are a support system to our SEALS when needed.
A special prayer and heartfelt gratitude to the SEALS---Our Silent Warriors.

God Bless You All.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Richard Marcinko

Richard Marcinko.jpg

I believe the Seals Team Six has Commander Richard Marcinko to thank for their success. He was the first commanding officer of a new unit that he proudly named SEAL,Team Six. This was early in 1979 when the Navy had only two Seal teams. Marcinko handpicked the men he wanted for his SEAL,Team Six, from the Navy's Special Operations community.

He was very meticulous in his selection, and from the Navy's best, he made into a superior team that the United States of America will long remember, and is proud to claim them as their own.

Americans, who knew about this great man's endeavor and his execution of his great training skills that saved many Seals from death, will forever be thankful. It has been said that the Seals training under Richard Marcinko was harder than any mission they were ever on. He prepared them for any possible scenario in their training for the Counter-Terrorist Team. He wanted them to stay alive and complete their missions, and come back home to their families.

Richard "Dick" Marcinko was in command of SEAL,Team Six for three years; from 1980-1983. This man experienced many missions of which he commanded. He was born in Lansford, Pennsylvania on November 21, 1940. And in 1958 he enlisted in the United States Navy.

And from the Naval Postgraduate School he earned his B.A. Degree in international relations, and a Master of Arts degree in political science at Auburn University. Whatever, came after this great man's career, and any issues that fell upon him--will never diminish what he has accomplished for the United States of America.

I for one am proud of him and men like him--where would our country be without the Richard Marcinkos of our world.

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