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Friday, March 15, 2013

Afghanistan Troops---Save Your People

Every week our troops are fired upon from the known enemy and the enemy from within the Afghan Police Force. One of their officers killed our soldiers, and we still keep our troops there---what is wrong with this picture.

I say get our troops the “Hell out of Afghanistan”---these people who smile at our troops are the same people who will fire bullets at them when they get the chance.

Why don’t the good and strong Afghanistan people who are the leaders; put their troops out there to find and eliminate the one who are working for the Taliban?

They know who they are---but they are still letting the evil Taliban intimidate them by not taking action. I can bet there are many good Afghan women who are willing to fight---the same women who are fed up with living in fear for their children. I know I would be sick of it and fight back once and for all.

You cannot make me believe these people are still going to put up with being bullied by the evil forces of the Taliban. When are they going to stand up for themselves? I know there are good people in Afghanistan who would fight if they had the weapons.

If they do not take a stand while our American troops are still there and drive them off their land and keep them off at the borders---they will perish after our troops leave.

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