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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The SEALS Families Want Answers

Thirty (30) Americans in all which---seventeen (17) of them were Navy SEAL Team 6 members killed when their Vietnam-era Chinook helicopter was shot down by insurgents with Taliban-owned RPG (rocket-propelled-grenadein August of 2011 in Afghanistan---the ambush is being addressed by the families of the SEALS.

They are accusing the U.S. government for putting the SEALS at risk because their covers as SEALS were aired around the world---as the ones who executed the raid on Osama Bin Laden.

This was a covert mission---one the government should never have mentioned who or what group---was responsible for completing the assignment given to them.

Now even a first grader knows someone will revenge the death of a revered leader/dictator sooner or later. The followers of Osama Bin Laden might never have known the identity of the raiders--- if it had not been spread around the world as news---at the very least it would have taken them a while.

Did someone in charge need to exercise their power and pound their chest as the victor? Could he/she or they accomplish this without revealing and exposing the ones carrying out the assignment?

Is it true that targets were put on the backs of all SEALS? The Team 6 SEAL members and SEALS from all Teams are put in jeopardy that protects Americans and---America. What an asinine move by the government that sent them on a clandestine assignment to expose them in such a manner. Is this what the families are saying and inquiring of the current administration?

And family members asked why were they flying in a helicopter that was made in the 1960’s? When they have “Special Forces Helicopter” that is equipped with electronic countermeasures and identification friend or foe system with state of the art equipment.

And when will the family members receive the “Investigation Report” from the President as they indicated they were promised?

It makes one wonder why this White House Administration would be the first in history to expose any “Covert Mission” to the world. Do they need a pat on the back? I say they need to pull-up their big boy britches and learn to keep their mouths shut.

Our Military Men and Women protect the Americans and this country---the very least the Presidential Administration can do is protect them. And bring our men and women home and treat them right when they return.

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