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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SEALS---Our Silent Warriors

Pursuant to past years the scope of our Navy SEALS was not known---they accomplished many missions without any Americans aware of their greatness. They did it stealthfully without the enemy’s knowledge of their locations. They do not seek glory or fame---they were and are our “American Silent Warriors.”

The SEALS were a secret the Navy kept as their “Silent Warriors” and that was a great idea to do. They were protected from the news media of their entire task in keeping America and Americans safe from all attacks. Sometimes to protect a country there has to be secrets and I admire and respect the SEAL Admirals/ Rear Admirals who protected our “Silent Warriors.”

But a book about the SEALS titled: United States Special Warfare/US Navy SEALs was published. So since the book with the Navy's approval was written---we are finding out more about the clandestine inter-workings, testing and designing of future weapons---which will aid the SEALS in their missions.

The name of the agency we Americans should be so proud of is: U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). They are working on so many unbelievable futuristic weapons of defense and robotic aids to save lives of SEALS and support them as they execute their missions to protect and keep our country safe and secure.

DARPA is working on many Military robotic projects which will be used on land, sea and air. These robotic machines can maneuver over rough and rocky terrains--- including climbing up the side of buildings or mountains.

DARPA has many projects still in the testing models and when completed will be added to the SEAL’s collection of defensive aids to protect our nation and others nations. Our SEALS missions save and protect others who live outside the USA---without their knowledge or Americans.

That is the way it has to be---we have to protect our “Secret Warriors” the name I have given them with great respect and gratitude. As they risk their lives for Americans and others---leaving their families each time without a guarantee of returning---even in training---accidents will happen.

I am amazed at the technology and brilliance of the people who are instrumental at DARPA for the creation of such Military Phenomenal Robots and other Military aids. This has been in operation for many years and we never know what their brilliant designers will produce in the future. These people work hard for all Americans also. I thank you DARPA for your great manufacturing of Military aids in all the forms you have developed over so many years.

Enclosing I send prayers and great appreciation to all our Military’s men and women who help protect American and are a support system to our SEALS when needed.
A special prayer and heartfelt gratitude to the SEALS---Our Silent Warriors.

God Bless You All.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lost Another SEAL in Training Incident

  SEAL-Petty Officer 3rdClass---Jonathan Kaloust
We have lost another of our men in a training accident on May 15th in Kentucky at Ft. Knox.  SEAL-Petty Officer 3rd Class---Jonathan Kaloust a native of Massapequa, N.Y.

Eight men---Jonathan and five Seals two sailors were in a training incident. Jonathan was killed and the other seven were injured when their Humvee overturned in a tactical training maneuver. The other seven--- five Seals and two sailors were released with only minor injuries.

Jonathan Kaloust was only 23 years old but was a strong and competent Seal who completed his training last year. He joined the Navy in 2011 and excelled in his training in order to become a Seal. It is the supreme honor to make it to a SEAL status.

The incident is being investigated and is being handled with upmost respect because of the sensitive nature and no details will be released until it has been completed.

Americans are sad today to have lost another son---one who was preparing to be ready to protect us from any foreign force or terrorist.  I hope the ending investigation will tell us how one died and seven lived? I cannot wait to find out. This is happening too often and I for one am very concerned for our sons and daughters who are in training to protect us---are hurt and killed.

I pray for Jonathan Kaloust, his family and friends for this terrible hurt they are to endure for many years to come; and maybe forever in his parent’s hearts and mind.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Chief Brett Shadle---SEAL Team Six

                                                                            Brett Shadle
This is an Honorable Mention to the Seal Team Six member of East Coast Naval Special Warfare ---- Senior Chief Brett Shadle who was 31 years old and a native of Pennsylvania. Brett perished from a training accident in Arizona last week on Thurday--March 28, 2013. This is sad news for his family and all of America when we lose a Navy Seal of Team Six---or any seal for that matter as they are the backbone of our safety. These brave and courageous men---there are none finer than true American Navy Seals.

Brett Shadle had the special regard of all who worked with him of being called the “Very Best.” He will always be remembered by his family, friends and the ones who worked with him as a hero. Because he gave all for his country---and had the respect of all who knew him.

Americans are so proud of the Seal Team Six the Elite of the seals teams---when have so few given so much for their country---I salute you all---and God Bless you and yours.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Navy SEAL Dies in Raid---American Doctor Rescued

It is a tragedy anytime an American is killed in a foreign country, and it is heartbreak for America and the family of any service man who loses his life fighting for our freedom or rescuing an American hostage.

However, this time a Navy Seal with Special Operations-- Twenty-eight-year-old Petty Officer 1st Class Nicolas D. Checque, of Monroeville, lost his life in this rescue mission in Afghanistan while securing the freedom of Dr. Dilip Joseph an American doctor working with Morning Star Development. The United States of American has lost another son---a hero whose light shines brightly in our hearts tonight.

The Taliban released the two Afghan workers who were abducted with Dr. Dilip Joseph about 11 hours before the Doctor was rescued. The Taliban asked very little for the Afghans who worked with the doctor, but they did ask for $100,000 for Dr. Joseph.

At this point one would ponder that no Americans are safe in Afghanistan, because the Taliban is using this for hunting and abducting any American for financial gain for their terrorist organization.

The people of Afghanistan as I have surmised from my research are very appreciative of the Morning Star Development because it helps and teaches the Afghan people so they can take the place of volunteers which are mostly Americans.

However, I suspect there are Afghan spies that send information to the Taliban on who, when and where these American can be located. So the threat is on as far as I am concerned.


Taliban lost 6 of their group in the rescue of De. Joseph---however, this will not deter them. I know the Morning Star Development is for helping the Afghan people and their families in health care, education, agriculture and small business.


But Americans need to be on alert that this is a bad time for them in Afghanistan---and this is my opinion from my research of current events. I know how dedicated these employees and volunteers are there helping the Afghanistan people, but it is very dangerous for Americans and for the ones who will have to rescue them.


My heartaches for this fallen hero he gave his life to save another American.  

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