Friday, May 3, 2013

Chief Brett Shadle---SEAL Team Six

                                                                            Brett Shadle
This is an Honorable Mention to the Seal Team Six member of East Coast Naval Special Warfare ---- Senior Chief Brett Shadle who was 31 years old and a native of Pennsylvania. Brett perished from a training accident in Arizona last week on Thurday--March 28, 2013. This is sad news for his family and all of America when we lose a Navy Seal of Team Six---or any seal for that matter as they are the backbone of our safety. These brave and courageous men---there are none finer than true American Navy Seals.

Brett Shadle had the special regard of all who worked with him of being called the “Very Best.” He will always be remembered by his family, friends and the ones who worked with him as a hero. Because he gave all for his country---and had the respect of all who knew him.

Americans are so proud of the Seal Team Six the Elite of the seals teams---when have so few given so much for their country---I salute you all---and God Bless you and yours.


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