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Monday, September 30, 2013

No Straight Answers from Congress and the Pentagon on August 2011 Tragedy

When a few have the power over so many it has become a dictatorship, not a government by the people and for the people. The stonewalling the families of the fallen SEALS and others shot down in 2011 have received from our government, Congress, the Pentagon and the President is unacceptable; and it dishonors the men who fought for our freedom.
And, then we ask what so many Americans are thinking today---are we really free? Has the freedom our ancestors died for so their descendants would live as free Americans as we guaranteed in the “Bill of Rights” become null and void?

Do the members of Congress,the Pentagon and President Obama care about Americans---or are they just a bogus group who has their own agenda? I cannot answer that question without all the facts, but I do know some of the people in Congress and other branches of our government are good and decent people.

However, the concerns we have now are: 1. Has a few rotten apples ruined the entire barrel of Congress, the Pentagon? 2. How do we fix it? 3. Contact your own district senators and representatives from the Senate and the House of  Representatives---the two houses of Congress the ones who represents you---and you voted in---to let them know how you feel about the atrocities. Tell them over and over until the requested action needed gets implemented. Never give up on our men and women who fight for our freedoms still.

The parents are still waiting for answers concerning their sons, why were they in the helicopter they were in? Why last-minute changes that goes against the strictest security that is necessary to secure the safely of the flight passengers?

No enemy just accidentally stumbled out of his home to shoot a helicopter down---what asinine idiotic would believe it? But that's what we are being spoon fed about our sons, nephews, grandsons, uncles, fathers that happened?

As my sweet Grandmother would say, “Hogwash, nonsense, garbage, humbug rubbish, bunkum, and gibberish.” The good and decent of our Senate and House of Representatives need to step-up and be heard. Do not be swayed by the Elite in Congress---be accountable to the ones who put you in the Senate or the House. 
(Copy and Paste this in YouTube for everything you need to hear about the SEALS and A Press Conference. This is too long for my blog. But everyone needs to see this YouTube Video.

My heart still aches for all the men and women we lost in this war and all wars since the beginning of our country.

Here is the link to contact elected officials:

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