Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lost Another SEAL in Training Incident

  SEAL-Petty Officer 3rdClass---Jonathan Kaloust
We have lost another of our men in a training accident on May 15th in Kentucky at Ft. Knox.  SEAL-Petty Officer 3rd Class---Jonathan Kaloust a native of Massapequa, N.Y.

Eight men---Jonathan and five Seals two sailors were in a training incident. Jonathan was killed and the other seven were injured when their Humvee overturned in a tactical training maneuver. The other seven--- five Seals and two sailors were released with only minor injuries.

Jonathan Kaloust was only 23 years old but was a strong and competent Seal who completed his training last year. He joined the Navy in 2011 and excelled in his training in order to become a Seal. It is the supreme honor to make it to a SEAL status.

The incident is being investigated and is being handled with upmost respect because of the sensitive nature and no details will be released until it has been completed.

Americans are sad today to have lost another son---one who was preparing to be ready to protect us from any foreign force or terrorist.  I hope the ending investigation will tell us how one died and seven lived? I cannot wait to find out. This is happening too often and I for one am very concerned for our sons and daughters who are in training to protect us---are hurt and killed.

I pray for Jonathan Kaloust, his family and friends for this terrible hurt they are to endure for many years to come; and maybe forever in his parent’s hearts and mind.

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  1. This is really sad. Here is this gentleman,in the prime of his life and was taken by death. May love heal your broken hearts. To all that knew him and or worked with him.
    May God's mercy and grace heal your hurt and sadness.