Friday, June 21, 2013

Women to be Allowed to Enter US Military Elite Units

Women will be granted the right to join in the utmost extreme and bodily dangerous warfare situations in the military. This includes the Navy SEALS, the Army Rangers and the Marine Infantry.

Leaders are to inform the Pentagon their campaigns of incorporating women into the military groups or units minus decreasing the very strict standards.

This was released on June 18th 2013 by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel who---points to the first time women will participate into the elite combat units. Units like the Navy SEALS, who was responsible for the raid on Osama Bin Laden.

To be a member of one of the elite military unit’s one must past rigorous training of physical and psychological challenges. It includes transporting on one’s back a vast amounts of weight journeying long distance on foot while on threatening missions, this means being exposed to the elements and enemies.

Statistics show that most male candidates fail to meet the requirements for the elite units. However---the plan Mr. Panetta announced for these branches as the deadline for determining which combat locations will be available for women---is January 2016.

Now I say God bless any women who can meet this challenge and I am sure there are females in our USA who can and will become Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, and be in the Marine Infantry. I just know I am not one of them.

I would love to hear from readers---about their views on the subject of women in the elite units.
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  2. Just politicians & feminist pushing an agenda, the standards are in place for a reason to keep those that don't belong out, lowering standards will get good men killed. How about instead of experimenting with peoples lives they first focus on getting women to play and compete against men in the NBA & NFL along with the Olympics... there is a reason why they wont women are physically inferior to men. its science.

    war is about killing and destroying the enemy. the men doing that job only put on facade when back home. when on the job they are vikings & Pirates and I honestly see a lot of sexual assault charges and unwanted pregnancy coming from this.

    how are women going to take to "brutal" hazing which is a huge part of this warrior culture having your trident punched into your chest or being stripped naked and thrown off a pier. there is a lot of things that go on in these organizations that the general public do not know about and will not understand.

    what about combat: the most fit women are usually a lot slower & weaker then most physically fit men. how will they keep up on long rucks in the high mountains of Afghanistan with 80lb packs sometimes 100lbs. or the other side like taking a shit and having your teammate hold a bag under your ass so your element doesn't leave anything behind. what about climbing over walls with 60lbs worth of kit. or breaching a door with a set of irons by yourself. how about dragging your 280lb plus teammate out of a fatal funnel. this isn't crossfit or a video game this is real life. guys that can't keep up get frozen or pushed out women usually complain and file suits. this is going to ruin peoples careers.

    this is a boys club for a reason.

    they did this to the police and fire service and now those forces are made up of a bunch sloppy soup sandwiches & wackers