Friday, February 15, 2013

A SEAL’s Best Friend


The Malinois is documented in the USA as Belgian Malinois. Their life span is 14 years + and their temperaments are : an active life—always doing something, unreasonably determined to prevail, Vigilant—especially to guard against danger, defensive, protecting and self-assured.

The Malinois are the very best Seal Dogs for Navy Seals in parachutes jumping and to descend a steep slope or any vertical inclines using a rope, because this type of operation is frequently taken on by the Seal teams.

The dog Seals are highly trained, extremely accomplished and driven special ops professionals. They can perform astonishing missions by Air, Land or Sea.

They execute vast ranges of duties for the team or Seal to which they are attached. Their sense of smell is 40 times greater than humans---that is why they are trained to identify explosives and unfriendly or concealing humans.

They are twice as fast as humans---even if the human is in good shape.

Malinois are devoted, daring, forceful and competent aggressors. They wear superior-strong Armor that is equipped with computerized equipment that integrates canine fitted night-vision and infrared proficiency goggles. Also video cameras are part of their gear as a security measure to let their Seal handler see what is ahead before other Seals follow. The dog Seals are able to see human heat shapes through walls of concrete.

I am so happy after my research----to know the Seals have the very best partners in Malinois Dogs. Malinois are the zenith of canines for Seal Dogs. Because our Seals deserve the very best in whatever it takes for them to operate in a safe and secure mode at all times.

They are truly a Seal Team’s best friend as they all work together in securing our American World of Freedom that we all enjoy today.

I thank you Seals and the Malinois Canine Seals for all you do for Americans and others.

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