Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Robert O’Neill Former Navy SEAL: A Silent Hero Speaks Out

Navy SEALS are considered silent heroes because they keep all missions top-secret. SEALs jeopardized their life to keep Americans and our United States of America safe. And, on some high risk missions they know it could possibly be a one way trip. Missions of stealthfully going into countries without permission are putting their lives in harm’s way.

I don’t know how former SEAL Robert (Rob) O’Neill actions of speaking out survived being accepted or condone by his SEAL friends. However, he felt it was the right choice for him to make. He is the SEAL who Killed Osama Bin Laden by his version. There are others that claim the same deed.

Rob was a leader, a SEAL, a trained warrior of action and he has the medals to prove it. He has 52 decorations: two Silver Stars, four Bronze Stars with Valor, a joint Service Commendation Medal with Valor, three Presidential Unit citations, and two Navy/Marine Corps Commendations with Valor.

Rob O’Neill met and spoke to some families who lost love ones in the horrendous September 11, 2001; America’s greatest heartbreak. And, for other countries who had love ones working in the ‘Twin Towers. 

Rob stated, the hardest part of being a Navy SEAL was kissing his young daughter goodbye before he left on a mission; because it could be the last kiss. 

He was a SEAL for 17 years serving his country and protecting our homeland. He began to feel complacent about being shot at and this is when he decided to leave the Navy. Rob was given an honorable discharge, but lost his pension.

He helped start a charity for veterans who are in transition from the military to civilian life. He did this because of the trials he experienced in his transition from the Navy. 

The name of the charity is: Your Grateful Nation Org.; which helps veterans who served this nation to keep Americans and Our Homeland safe.

There is a lot of controversy about a former SEAL telling anything while he served and after retirement/discharge from the Navy. A Code of Silence is their bond: “not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my action."  

However, didn’t the Navy break the ‘Code of Silence’ with their participation and collaboration with Hollywood producers in the film ‘Act of Valor’ (2012)?

Then, the Navy cannot point a finger at Robert O’Neill because three fingers are pointing back at them: 1.) *Starring Quote: active duty U.S. Navy SEALS and U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman: Unquote. 2.) In my research I found the Navy actually used this film as a training tool. 3.) Did the Navy break the ‘Code of Silence’ first?

Therefore, it could be said the Navy is gagging at a Gnat (an infinitesimal insect) and swallowing a camel. And, since I am not in the Navy, but my father was---and I honor and respect this branch of military as well as the all others. 

However, I do not like it when a veteran SEAL is spoken about in a negative way. Anyone, who does not or does agree with what Robert O’Neill is doing---please leave a comment. I appreciate it.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Navy SEALS Update

I am so proud to live in the USA where Navy SEALS are born and trained to protect Americans and people in other countries. And, when not on a mission they are doing work for charities. How wonderful is that?
     On August 21st, four Navy SEALS swam the Marine’s Sebago Lake about 13 miles and raised $80,000.00 for Camp Sunshine; that helps children with life threatening illness. The families and the children enjoyed a week at Camp Sunshine to relax and have fun.

The Heart of a SEAL Beats for Children

The $80,000 will help the sick children of military families go to Camp Sunshine. Only parents with sick children can appreciate the importance of a place like Camp Sunshine. Bless our Navy SEALS again and again.

·       Red Circle Foundation---2014 Gala is for Special Operations warriors, children and families of the fallen. This great organization started in 2012 as a non-profit to help monetarily instantly families in need.
Their goal is $75,000 for this year, and the date is September 6, 2014

The Rescue of Jessica Buchanan

Quote: Please attend, sponsor or give today to help a Special Operations family in need.This year’s Gala fundraiser is being held on September 6, at the Birch Aquarium, 2300 Expedition Way in La Jolla, CA.  Please take note of these times 6 PM for VIP Cocktail Reception and 7 PM for General Admission. Phone Number (858) 534-3474: Unquote
·       Adm. William McRaven retired on August 30th 2014 after 37 years. Click the link below to hear his speech:

Our Silent Heroes

I will be back with more updates. Sorry it has been so long, but I fell off my high back porch and broke by leg in February. I was in bed for 31/2 months because of the severity of the break. Then, I was in rehab learning to walk again from May through July. I did not intend to neglect my Navy SEALS. May you and yours be blessed with good health and happiness.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Who Will Protect Your Family?

We hear the opinions of people in power about gun control---they stand in front of audiences and millions of television and YouTube viewers to voice their opinions. They tell us that law enforcement should be the ones who carry guns, not citizens walking around armed in towns and cities.

And, here is my opinion---these suits who talk the talk are mainly protected by FBI agents or body guards, therefore, they do not carry any protection. Not everyone lives in a city; there are a lot of people who live in rural areas, mountains, countryside’s, small towns, farms and ranches. Therefore, it is wise for them to legally carry a gun for numerous reasons.

I say to these people---we are keeping the freedom to protect our families--- in the cities, towns or countryside’s. It is our right to legally carry a weapon. It is our choice to make---not yours, and instead of trying to take this freedom away from the good citizens, go after the criminals who carry weapons illegally. It is our right to keep and bear arms in the United States of America.

I believe the people in power are doing everything backwards because law enforcement cannot protect the citizens in the cities, rural areas, mountains, forest, towns, beaches, going about their daily lives 24/7. And, this is just not using common sense to think a family man will not protect his family.

My 89 year old Aunt carries a gun when she travels by car. And, I do not think the president or anyone in Congress will tell her not to protect herself---I promise they will not like being reprimanded by her.

Dom Raso

I love my Navy SEALS, and while I was researching for any updated news about their current events I found two very interesting video by Don Raso who is a former Navy SEALS giving his opinion as he discusses the topic of pro-gun control and also about assault weapons. 

I believe these videos are very important for everyone to view and if you are still trying to decide about getting your license to carry a gun---this might help.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Navy SEALS Team 10---American’s Silent Heroes

Navy SEALS are our silent heroes and we will never know their real story of why and where they are in the world at any hour to secure Americans freedom and safety. 

A movie about the SEALS recently premiered---titled “Lone Survivor “starring Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell the SEAL Team 10 medic and sniper. Taylor Kitsch star as Lieutenant Michael P.“Murph”Murphy on ground leader of the SEAL team 10. Emile Hirsch as Danny Dietz the SEAL Team 10 communications officer and spotter, Ben Foster as Matt “Axe” Axelson a Sonar Technician of the SEAL Team 10 . Out of the four man special ops teams, Marcus Luttrell was the “Lone Survivor.”

Eric Bama played the part of Lieutenant Commander Erik Kristensen who died as part of the search and rescue mission that went to assist the four man SEAL team members as they engaged in a gun fight with Taliban fighters. This is a true story about Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, a member of the SEALS Team 10 and about “Operation Red Wings” and how he sadly ended as the lone survivor on their reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan to track Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. January 10, 2014 “Lone Survivor” premiered in the USA.

This is a tribute to the 19 Special Ops who died as members of “Operation Red Wings” and to all Navy SEALS and Army Special Ops that perished on foreign soil safeguarding the United States of American and its people. My heartache is great as I think of all the families left here to grieve after their love ones. Their sons gave the ultimate gift to all of us---so please wave your American Flag high--- for these brave, irreplaceable silent heroes. My daily prayers include the families and friends of the fallen men and women heroes in the Army, Navy, Air force and Marines.

I want to share this video with you of what Marcus Luttrell says which depicts the true spirit of all my silent heroes the Navy SEALS.

I know this is the Hollywood version of what happened but I read somewhere that Marcus Luttrell liked the movie and he thought Mark Wahlberg was a great disciplined actor. And, I hope everyone enjoys the movie.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

“Don’t Tread On Me” Leave Our Flag and Patch Alone


As early as 1775 the first Navy Jack Flag (A Timber Rattlesnake---which does not stick unless provoked) was proudly flown and in 1880 the motto “Don’t Tread on Me” was added to the flag; and has been on all Navy Vessels since then. This is one of our American Flags honored by all true Americans. This Flag and motto is found on Navy uniforms, and was authorized for them to wear; and that includes the Navy SEALS.

Now who within WARCOM and Naval Special Warfare are sending instructions that Navy SEALS are not authorized to have the “Don’t Tread on Me” patch on their combat uniforms? Don’t you senior personnel what better things to do than break down the morale of the American Navy SEALS and the American People?                                                             Patch

This is an asinine decision made by these people and someone should correct it right away. Maybe, whoever had a hand in this idiotic ruling should retire, because it sounds like an attack against America and Americans.

Don’t use your lame excuse for this decision because of using uniformity between the operators, this is outdated logic. Stay with the present and future by supporting the “Don’t Tread on Me” patches, because it makes the SEALS proud to wear it as they go into combat to save the lives of Americans. And, that means you WARCOM and Naval Special Warfare.

Leave our “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag and patches along and find something else to do with your time. If you are not for our Navy SEALS well-being then I suggest you get out of the Navy, because we do not need or want anyone like you over “Our Silent Heroes.”

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Monday, September 30, 2013

No Straight Answers from Congress and the Pentagon on August 2011 Tragedy

When a few have the power over so many it has become a dictatorship, not a government by the people and for the people. The stonewalling the families of the fallen SEALS and others shot down in 2011 have received from our government, Congress, the Pentagon and the President is unacceptable; and it dishonors the men who fought for our freedom.
And, then we ask what so many Americans are thinking today---are we really free? Has the freedom our ancestors died for so their descendants would live as free Americans as we guaranteed in the “Bill of Rights” become null and void?

Do the members of Congress,the Pentagon and President Obama care about Americans---or are they just a bogus group who has their own agenda? I cannot answer that question without all the facts, but I do know some of the people in Congress and other branches of our government are good and decent people.

However, the concerns we have now are: 1. Has a few rotten apples ruined the entire barrel of Congress, the Pentagon? 2. How do we fix it? 3. Contact your own district senators and representatives from the Senate and the House of  Representatives---the two houses of Congress the ones who represents you---and you voted in---to let them know how you feel about the atrocities. Tell them over and over until the requested action needed gets implemented. Never give up on our men and women who fight for our freedoms still.

The parents are still waiting for answers concerning their sons, why were they in the helicopter they were in? Why last-minute changes that goes against the strictest security that is necessary to secure the safely of the flight passengers?

No enemy just accidentally stumbled out of his home to shoot a helicopter down---what asinine idiotic would believe it? But that's what we are being spoon fed about our sons, nephews, grandsons, uncles, fathers that happened?

As my sweet Grandmother would say, “Hogwash, nonsense, garbage, humbug rubbish, bunkum, and gibberish.” The good and decent of our Senate and House of Representatives need to step-up and be heard. Do not be swayed by the Elite in Congress---be accountable to the ones who put you in the Senate or the House. 
(Copy and Paste this in YouTube for everything you need to hear about the SEALS and A Press Conference. This is too long for my blog. But everyone needs to see this YouTube Video.

My heart still aches for all the men and women we lost in this war and all wars since the beginning of our country.

Here is the link to contact elected officials:

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Congress Assesses SEAL Team 6 Deaths of August 2011

Families of the SEAL Team 6 might finally get some answers as to who is responsible for the betrayal of our SEALS being killed; and who put the big X on their backs for the retaliation of the enemy.

It is the height of stupidity that anyone in our government would disclose the identity of who performed the covert mission. But stupidity opened his big mouth and put the SEALS Team 6 and their families in jeopardy. And, in doing so all the spies in the audience got what they came for---information to give the Taliban.

Congress has dragged their feet or higher up the torso; because it has been two years since it happened that our men were shot down in the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter. The families still do not have closure because the ones responsible for their deaths have not been brought to justice.

My concern is that Congress will put a band-aide on this treason and call it---unintentionally spoken without malice or forethought---by the very one who opens his mouth and inserts foot too often.

I am sure they will take weeks of questions, blaming, finger pointing, and intimidation and, after all is said and done the bottom-line will be it is not the fault of the one who betrayed our SEALS.

There are so many questions Americans as well as the families of the fallen heroes want answered. Mine questions are:
·        Why were they in a Chinook helicopter made in the 1960---it should be in a museum?
·        Why were we lied to about the “Black Box” being washed away in a flash flood?
·        Did someone in our government or the Afghan government make a deal with the enemy in exchange for the flight plans?
·        Why were the bodies cremated?
·        Why wasn’t air support allowed to fire on the enemy?
·        Who sold the SEALS out?
·        Who knew about the mission?
·        Who was responsible for the last minute change of seven (7) Afghan Soldiers who boarded without being on the flight manifest?

There are so many unanswered questions to be answered as Congress executes a full investigation for the truth.

My thoughts and prayers are with the SEALS and the families of our lost heroes. And, for all the SEALS who protect and keep us safe every day---you are always in my prayers and your loved ones. May God bless and keep you safe.

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