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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Navy SEALS Team 10---American’s Silent Heroes

Navy SEALS are our silent heroes and we will never know their real story of why and where they are in the world at any hour to secure Americans freedom and safety. 

A movie about the SEALS recently premiered---titled “Lone Survivor “starring Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell the SEAL Team 10 medic and sniper. Taylor Kitsch star as Lieutenant Michael P.“Murph”Murphy on ground leader of the SEAL team 10. Emile Hirsch as Danny Dietz the SEAL Team 10 communications officer and spotter, Ben Foster as Matt “Axe” Axelson a Sonar Technician of the SEAL Team 10 . Out of the four man special ops teams, Marcus Luttrell was the “Lone Survivor.”

Eric Bama played the part of Lieutenant Commander Erik Kristensen who died as part of the search and rescue mission that went to assist the four man SEAL team members as they engaged in a gun fight with Taliban fighters. This is a true story about Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, a member of the SEALS Team 10 and about “Operation Red Wings” and how he sadly ended as the lone survivor on their reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan to track Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. January 10, 2014 “Lone Survivor” premiered in the USA.

This is a tribute to the 19 Special Ops who died as members of “Operation Red Wings” and to all Navy SEALS and Army Special Ops that perished on foreign soil safeguarding the United States of American and its people. My heartache is great as I think of all the families left here to grieve after their love ones. Their sons gave the ultimate gift to all of us---so please wave your American Flag high--- for these brave, irreplaceable silent heroes. My daily prayers include the families and friends of the fallen men and women heroes in the Army, Navy, Air force and Marines.

I want to share this video with you of what Marcus Luttrell says which depicts the true spirit of all my silent heroes the Navy SEALS.

I know this is the Hollywood version of what happened but I read somewhere that Marcus Luttrell liked the movie and he thought Mark Wahlberg was a great disciplined actor. And, I hope everyone enjoys the movie.

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