Saturday, May 17, 2014

Who Will Protect Your Family?

We hear the opinions of people in power about gun control---they stand in front of audiences and millions of television and YouTube viewers to voice their opinions. They tell us that law enforcement should be the ones who carry guns, not citizens walking around armed in towns and cities.

And, here is my opinion---these suits who talk the talk are mainly protected by FBI agents or body guards, therefore, they do not carry any protection. Not everyone lives in a city; there are a lot of people who live in rural areas, mountains, countryside’s, small towns, farms and ranches. Therefore, it is wise for them to legally carry a gun for numerous reasons.

I say to these people---we are keeping the freedom to protect our families--- in the cities, towns or countryside’s. It is our right to legally carry a weapon. It is our choice to make---not yours, and instead of trying to take this freedom away from the good citizens, go after the criminals who carry weapons illegally. It is our right to keep and bear arms in the United States of America.

I believe the people in power are doing everything backwards because law enforcement cannot protect the citizens in the cities, rural areas, mountains, forest, towns, beaches, going about their daily lives 24/7. And, this is just not using common sense to think a family man will not protect his family.

My 89 year old Aunt carries a gun when she travels by car. And, I do not think the president or anyone in Congress will tell her not to protect herself---I promise they will not like being reprimanded by her.

Dom Raso

I love my Navy SEALS, and while I was researching for any updated news about their current events I found two very interesting video by Don Raso who is a former Navy SEALS giving his opinion as he discusses the topic of pro-gun control and also about assault weapons. 

I believe these videos are very important for everyone to view and if you are still trying to decide about getting your license to carry a gun---this might help.

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