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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

USS Michael Murphy visited New York

The USS Michael Murphy is a new Navy Destroyer named after the Metal of Honor Navy Seal---Lt. Michael P.Murphy. Staten Island has the honor of it docking there while waiting for its October 6th commission.


The state-of-the art ship will be ready for visitors, Sunday from 1 to 5pm. The USS Michael Murphy will be at the Homeport Pier in Staten Island. Everyone is welcome to visit during the hours noted above. On Tuesday and Wednesday it will be located in Pier 88 in Manhattan.


The ship was named after Lt. Michael P. Murphy  a Navy Seal who led a team of only four men as they searched for the Taliban. His team was attached by approximately 50 men when searching on an Afghan Mountain top in 2005.


While wounded in the stomach he managed to crawl back to his team after he called command to advise them of  their location. He was shot in the back and continued to fight until his death hours later.


He was only 29 years old ---no one could be more of a hero in a battle than this brave Navy Seal. Our prayers are to you Lt. Michael P. Murphy and our deepest gratitude for an American Hero.

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