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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Navy SEALS Update on March 1, 2012

On August 6, 2011---Thirty (30) Americans, including 22 Navy Seals, who were largely from the Seal Team 6, were killed when their Chinook Helicopter was shot down by insurgents.

It was stated over the news channels these were the same 20 Navy Seals who killed Osama bin Laden.

However, the Taliban happily claimed the deadly deed as their own, but U.S. officials stated it was insurgents, as the team was on their way to help troops who were engaged in a fire fight.

 It was alleged that the team included seven Afghan Army Troops, three Air Force air controllers, a dog and his handler, an interpreter who was probably a civilian, and the helicopter crew.

 I do not believe this was just an act of war—I believe this was a planned retaliation, and someone sold our American Seals out. Have we heard anything in the news afterwards? No, and I bet we never will, because it is another cover-up, and only time will tell.

I pray for their souls and their families, and I hope one day they will find closure.

© BEPH  2012

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